Business consulting service based on gut environment type

Full support everything from product development based on individual gut environment type to business and marketing strategies

What is Business consulting Service based on Gut Environment Type?

This is a collaboration service by Metagen, Inc and Integrate Inc. to support your company’s product or service development. The fusion of science and marketing allow us to “design products that can be effective for each consumer’s body” and “develop information that make consumers aware of the need for such products”.

Select an approach based on your company’s assets and target users.

▶︎Personalized products and services development

We classify the gut environment into several types according to the desired effect, and suggest ingredients suitable to each type.

▶︎Allbiotics® product and service development

We propose a combination of ingredients that is effective for the gut of over 80% of Japanese people.

Recommended for these companies

  • Want the consumers to feel the good health effect
  • Want to create a product that meet the needs of each individual
  • Want to shorten the time for consumers to find the right product for them.
  • Want to communicate continuously with the consumers, rather than just selling a product.

Service Flow

※Depending on the necessary steps, we can support either independently or jointly with Integrate. Please feel free to contact us.