The transition from the scene of
science to the scene of society

It has been said that the fundamental research will take 100 years until it renders beneficial to society. Indeed, many of the authentic innovations through pure scientific research may take that long to flourish; However, the time it takes for research findings to be implemented to society varies depending on the study fields, and some are very short. In the research field of the human gut microbiome, this is particularly true. In the last decade, the forefront of gut microbiome research has almost come to the point where it is already very familiar with our daily lives.

Metabologenomics, Inc. is an R&D start-up company specializing in human intestinal environment research. With the aid of cutting-edge technology and insights into the human intestinal environment, one of our main themes is to socially implement the research findings.

I believe that the future of science lies in discovering the ideas to the commercialization and monetization for fundamental research. Metabologenomics, Inc. will never cease to conduct evidence-based scientific research but simultaneously we will endeavor to commercialize them as a profit organization. In the near future, we will cooperate with the medical scenes and apply our science to clinical diagnosis as well. Moreover, utilizing the big-data of the intestinal environment, we will commit to taking mankind's health one step further.

Using our original and unique technology, we can quantitatively assess the condition of the human intestinal environment. We have developed various services that allow for quantification of the impact which food and oral medications have on our gut. Previously in the area of food and drug development, the influence of products on the intestinal environment was not of the utmost importance and has not been under consideration in many cases. Yet recently the degree of the contribution of the gut microbiota on our health is beginning to be uncovered. Therefore it is essential that we sincerely comprehend both the beneficial and adverse effects of materials used in products on our gut microbiota.

【Dr. Takuji Yamada, vice president CTO of Metabologenomics, Inc.】

Dr. Takuji Yamada has obtained a Ph.D. in Science at Kyoto University in 2006. He was assigned as a research assistant at Kyoto University and subsequently as a researcher at EMBL(European Molecular Biology Laboratory) in Germany. Since 2016 he has been assigned as an Assistant Professor at the Department of life science in the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He established the "Japanese Consortium for Human Microbiome" in 2014 and has been working on commercializing the academic research results ever since. He has jointly established Metabologenomics, Inc. in 2015 and has been fulfilling his role as the vice president CTO. Specializes in bioinformatics.