Realizing 'zero disease'
by the power of frontier science

As the world reaches the era of longevity society, extension of healthy life expectancy has become a critically important issue for people worldwide. Here, we are aiming to achieve 'zero disease' by uncovering mechanisms underlying disease onset, development and regression  which are essential for treating and preventing diseases.

To this end, we are aspired to eradicate diseases by the power of frontier science and technology. While it is going to be a longstanding quest, we believe the 'zero disease' world is attainable, and we will be making the earnest effort to make it happen.

Creating stool-borne healthy society

Everyday, tons of stools are produced all over the world. However, most people have not realized that these brown wastes are full of valuable information which potentially tells us not only how healthy we are but also warns us how unhealthy we are.

We believe stools are "brown gems" because of the value they possess with respect to the bodily information they can give us. Our mission is to make every human being healthy by deciphering the glittering message of the Brown Gems.

Design your gut

Our gut environment is different from person to person, causing the inconsistency in the effect of what you consumed. Moreover, the gut environment is generally influenced by what we eat and drink rather than what we inherit from our parents. We are promoting "Gut Design", a new kind of health care, considering the individual gut environment to either select what is the best for your gut environment or to modify your gut environment itself so that what you consume works more efficiently.