Collaborative Work

Metabologenomics and SOMPO Health Support started to develop AI system for the appropriate lifestyle advices based on individual's gut microbiota type.

<From left side, Vice President CTO Yamada, Metabologenomics, Inc. and Vice President and Executive Officer Nakamura, SOMPO Health Support, Inc.>

Metabologenomics, Inc. (President CEO Fukuda, Yamagata, Japan) and SOMPO Health Support, Inc. (President CEO Sumi, Tokyo, Japan) started a collaborative project. In this project, we are developing AI system to provide appropriate lifestyle advices based on individual's gut microbiota type for the purpose to realize "Stratified Health Care" based on the type of intestinal environment.

For the gut microbiota evaluation in this project, we are using the latest feces sampling kit that has been developed by Metabologenomics, Inc.. This original technology (patent applied) enables preservation of genes and metabolites from feces samples at normal temperature without any liquid such as denaturant.

This project is also adopted as "AI system joint research and development project" by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Metabologenomics, Inc.