Our Mission

Make gut environment-based healthcare a new standard

We are maximizing the potential of the gut environment by seamlessly integrating the scientific knowledge that is being updated on a daily basis into businesses.

In the near future, a new and advanced generation of healthcare will be introduced. The next generation of health care in which individuals have the ability to explore their own gut environment and choose a suitable approach based on their gut environment. The next generation of healthcare in which one can properly control their own condition based on the gut environment. We will have to make this new generation of healthcare a new standard in society, and we will do so by promoting social implementation of our research results in collaboration with partner clients.

Gut Design

By effectively utilizing the gut environment information, we promote the “gut environment based-stratified healthcare”. This is a way of classification of individual gut environments that allows personalized health plans for each person. It’s based on solid scientific evidence and the successive “Gut design” approach, which helps people control their gut environment and, in turn, their overall health.

Core Competence

We have established a unique gut environment evaluation method called “Metabologenomics®”. This method comprehensively analyzes vast amounts of information obtained through metagenomics, the genetic analysis of gut microbiota, and metabolomics, the analysis of gut microbiota-derived metabolites. We use bioinformatics analysis to evaluate the gut environment with a focus on controlling its dynamics effectively. A comprehensive understanding of the gut microbiota functions is the key to implementing research findings into society.

As a start-up company based on R&D, Metagen, Inc. never ceases to boldly take on the challenge of in-house research and development, hoisting the ultimate goal of eradicating diseases by controlling the gut environment.


We are recruiting members who wish to promote research and aim for social implementation with us.

(※ We are currently recruiting only those who can speak Japanese fluently at business standard. Please refer to Japanese Careers page below.)