Service Concept

As the gut environment and health states are closely related, various products and services for improving the gut environment have been attracting attention in recent years. However, since the gut environment differs from person to person, we believe that there will be a need to develop products and services with the concept of “stratified healthcare”, based on the individual’s gut environment. We call this concept “Gut Design”.

We are promoting research and development support for companies using Metabologenomics®, a gut environment evaluation method to comprehensively understand the functions of the gut microbiota. We support product and service development, by utilizing the gut environment database accumulated through our research.

We aim to create a society in which everyone knows their own gut environment, and can choose the health care/approach that is best for them. We provide solutions according to the phases required by each company, from research on the gut environment to social implementation.

R&D support business

To help you develop new products based on Gut Design, we offer several services to evaluate the impact of your products and materials on the gut environment. As experts in the gut environment research, we can propose the appropriate approach for each company’s R&D needs and phase.

Stratified Healthcare Business

We promote the “stratified healthcare” services based on the gut environment and the development of stratified products, by effectively combining science, technology, products, and services, utilizing our own gut environment database.