Stratified Product Development Service

Develop products and services that match the individual’s gut environment.

What is Stratified Product Development Service

This is a service where scientific evidence is utilized to develop products and services that suit the gut environment of every individual.
By leveraging the strengths of “characteristics of client companies’ assets” and “professional know-how of the gut environment specialists in Metagen, Inc.”, we aim to offer beneficial products and services so people can feel that the product is right for them.

Stratified product: Product/service that are chosen based on one’s gut environment type

Two approaches in stratified healthcare:

▶︎Stratified Product

We classify gut environment into different types depending on the desired effect and we propose the appropriate materials that are suitable for each gut environment type


Depending on the desired effect, we propose the combination of materials that are expected to be effective in more than 80% of Japanese people.

Recommended for clients that:

  • want the consumers to experience the product’s effect
  • want to develop products that can help to solve individual issues
  • want to shorten the time it takes until the consumers find the suitable product for themselves
  • want to continuously communicate with consumers, not just end up selling products

Service Flow

We can also implement only the necessary steps or change the order of the steps according to the needs of your company. We will plan for each company individually, so please feel free to contact us for more details.