in vitro studies to evaluate the effects of the test product on the intestinal environment

What is MGScreening

MGScreening™ is a research and development support platform aimed at screening useful test substances (products/materials) from multiple test substances. It comprehensively evaluates the impact of test substances on the “human gut environment” using in vitro evaluation techniques utilizing our unique gut bacteria culture technology and evaluation techniques.

Service Flow

Culture Test

We conduct tests using our unique culture system on the test substances. By conducting tests using different types of human gut microbiota, we can visualize the types of human gut microbiota that are particularly affected by the test substances. The basic measurement and analysis items are as follows:

  • Analysis of gut microbiota 16S metagenome (genes)
  • Metabolome (metabolites) analysis

Fluctuation Analysis

We conduct fluctuation analysis using our proprietary technology called “Metabologenomics®”. In the evaluation of the gut environment, it is common to perform microbiota analysis, but we also integrate the analysis of metabolites produced by gut bacteria. This leads to the elucidation of the mechanism of how gut bacteria work and how they exert effects on the body when the test substances are added.

Research Results

Metagen’s unique analysis of the metagenomic and metabolomic results obtained from this study will allow us to estimate the relevant factors and discuss the mechanisms. Based on the results and discussion, we will support the addition of new evidence for the product under study, including the development of publications and proposals for the next steps.

Measurement Items and Options

●Gut bacteria (metagenome) analysis

16S rRNA gene
In addition to the above, we can also measure the presence of your desired intestinal bacteria using quantitative PCR.

●Gut metabolite(metabolome) analysis

Short-chain fatty acids (GC-MS)/bile acids (LC-MS)

●Responder analysis

By clarifying the characteristics of the intestinal environment of “responders,” in which the expected effects of the addition of the test product are manifested, this program can be used as an opportunity to consider new approaches to expand the potential of the test product.

●Optional: Conference presentation and paper submission

Upon request, we can coauthor conference presentations and paper submissions. This can be used to promote your company’s research and development capabilities, as a seed for evidence-based marketing, and to educate consumers.


When evaluating the impact of six test substances on the gut environment


  • Number of controls: 3 types (no addition, glucose-added sample, fructooligosaccharide-added sample)
  • Number of test substances (excluding controls): 6 types
  • Number of fecal samples used: 6 types
  • Measurement items: Gut microbiota and metabolites (short-chain fatty acids)
  • Analysis items: Profile analysis, variation analysis of gut microbiota and metabolites, responder analysis (optional)


  • Approximately 6-6.5 million JPY (excluding tax))


  • Culture test to completion of each measurement: 1-2 months
  • Completion of measurement to reporting of profile analysis and variation analysis results (interim report): 2-3 months
  • Interim report to reporting of all results including responder analysis (final report): 1-2 months

Expected Results

Parallel evaluation of gut bacteria and metabolite fluctuation

*The above is an result example. Actual results may vary.

Examples of utilization

Research results obtained through this service are used for presentations at conferences, seminars and events, sales activities at trade shows, and preliminary studies prior to conducting human clinical trials.

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