Evaluate the effects of the test product on the intestinal environment through data analysis

What is MGAnalysis

Our proprietary analysis of your clinical trial data will allow us to consider new findings and propose ways to further deepen or expand your research. We use our proprietary data analysis platform to perform advanced data analysis on your existing gut health data and related metadata from clinical trials.

Service Flow

Preliminary Consultation

We propose an optimal analysis plan based on the content of your clinical trial data at hand. We also perform a quality check of your existing gut environment data to ensure it meets the necessary quality for analysis.

Data Analysis

Utilizing our expertise and knowledge in data analysis, we delve into the exploration of important gut environment factors and the mechanism of health functions of test substances (products/materials) from the vast amount of data.

Discussion and Research Result presentation

We conduct in-depth discussions and considerations on products where statistically significant differences were not observed in simple comparative analysis, utilizing segmented analysis results such as responder determination. Based on the results and discussions, we will support the discovery of new effects and mechanisms, as well as the publication of papers and proposals for the next steps, thus adding new evidence to the products.


Assessment of the effects of test product intake on the intestinal environment and exploration of specific health effect responder characteristics


  • Numerical values of key evaluation items (blood test data, defecation frequency, visceral fat area, etc.)
  • Gut bacterial genetic sequence data (fastq files, etc.)

※Relative abundance data of gut bacteria after analysis is also acceptable.


  • Analysis plan consulting
  • Data formatting
  • Overview analysis
  • Alpha diversity analysis
  • Comprehensive inter-group comparison analysis
  • Responder analysis
  • Literature research, considerations, and report preparation


  • Approximately 3-4 million JPY (excluding tax)

※The cost may vary depending on the analysis requirements. Please contact us for more details.


  • Analysis plan consulting: 1 month
  • Overview analysis to comprehensive inter-group comparison analysis: 2-3 months
  • Reporting of all results including responder analysis: 1-2 months

※Please contact us for more detailed information.

Expected Results

Examples of utilization

Research results obtained through this service are used for presentations at conferences and seminar events, sales activities at trade shows, and preliminary studies prior to conducting human clinical trials.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or to discuss our services or ask any questions you may have.