Stratified Healthcare Business

Promote stratified health care based on gut environment

In recent years, the gut environment market has exciting growth, and the world is flooded with a variety of products and services. On the other hand, there are also issues, such as not knowing which product to choose, or stop consuming the product because it is not effective. Moreover,, people are more aware of the need to “live life to the fullest,” and demand products and services that “fit” them.

We believe that we can contribute to “efficient selection” and “stronger experience of benefits” for each individual, by promoting and spreading healthcare based on the gut environment,. At Metagen, we effectively combine science, technology, products, and services to provide solutions to address each individual issues and needs.

MG Diet Support

Advice based on the intestinal environment to support employee diet and health management

Stratified Product Development Service

Support product and service development that is “suitable for you” based on the gut environment type