Make gut environment-based healthcare a new standard

〜 to satisfy the desires of each and every individual 〜

Living life to the fullest as we wish may be a natural desire for all of us. In this context, health is the foundation that supports our daily lives and future.

Recent studies have revealed that the gut environment is closely related to our physical and mental state, including the maintenance of health and the development of disease. Thus,  there are high expectations for approaches to the gut environment. It is important to note, however, that the gut environment is unique to each individual, depending mainly on environmental factors such as long-term eating habits and lifestyle, rather than genetic factors, and therefore the approach to be taken varies from individual to individual.

Each person should understand his or her own gut environment, which can also be described as their “constitution”. Each person should know how to maintain a good gut environment of one’s own. Each person should be able to choose an approach that makes the best use of their own gut microbiota and enjoy a solid sensory experience that one’s state of health is changing. Ultimately, we believe that we need to make the next generation of healthcare, in which people can appropriately control their own condition based on their gut environment, a new standard in society. Accumulation of scientific evidence is essential for achieving this new standard.

To this end, we will seamlessly integrate the scientific knowledge that is updated on a daily basis into businesses and maximize the potential of the gut environment. Through collaboration with our partner companies, we hope to satisfy the desires of each and every individual by continuously delivering to society an approach to designing health from the gut environment.

Group Vision

Realizing zero-disease

Maintaining good health requires two strategies: “treatment,” which restores people to a healthy state after they have suffered from a disease, and “prevention,” in which people work to maintain good health while they are still healthy. Focusing on the ” gut environment,” which is arguably responsible for human health, we will continue to provide society with the correct approach by using cutting-edge science to unravel the molecular mechanisms that have yet to be elucidated.

Feces are crucial for understanding the gut environment. Feces contains a wealth of valuable information, including that of gut microbiota and their metabolites, that has the potential to solve health issues. The correct understanding and application of this information is the key to building a healthy society of the future.
Our company, which provides healthcare based on the gut environment, and Metagen Therapeutics, which conducts medical and drug discovery business utilizing the gut microbiota, will work together to realize “zero disease” by continuing to discover knowledge with an insatiable spirit of curiosity and passing the baton onto the next generation.


Values we hold dear

Beyond Science, Beyond Technology, With Society

We will continue to explore frontier science and technology, and create a system that maximizes the implementation of findings from research into society.

We will continue to be a pioneer in integrating research and society to walk alongside, and work with society to carve out a healthy society that has not yet been developed.

Business Concept

Gut Design

The gut environment is influenced more by environmental factors than by genetic factors, and varies from individual to individual due to long-term eating habits and lifestyle. Therefore, it has become clear that efficacy of products differs by different gut environment types. In recent years, various foods and supplement services have been attracting attention for improving the gut environment. We believe that the next generation of healthcare will be required to fully achieve the expected effects, with an eye to differences in the gut environment, which can be described as the “physical make-up” of each individual.

We believe that by appropriately utilizing the gut environment information, we can realize “gut environment-based stratified healthcare.” This approach involves proper classification of individual gut environments to tailor treatments based on scientific evidence. And through the Gut design, we can control the gut environment in the desired direction, enabling each individual to take charge of their own health, including their gut environment.

At Metagen, Inc., we have the expertise to appropriately evaluate the effects of orally ingested food and medicine on the gut environment through our research and development support services, employing our unique method called “Metabologenomics®”. This method allows for a comprehensive understanding of gut microbiota functions. In addition, we facilitate the development of products and services by utilizing a database focused on gut environment information.

By establishing and implementing Gut Design, we believe that we can contribute to the realization of each individual’s desired state of well-being via the gut environment. This includes achieving the expected effects of products and services uniformly across individuals, enabling self-regulation towards their ideal health state, maintaining their favorable conditions, and alleviating discomforts, among other outcomes.