Exploring the mechanisms of the effects of test products on the gut environment through mouse studies

What is MGMouse

MGMouse™ is a research and development support platform aimed at exploring the impact and
mechanisms of test products on the gut microbiota through mouse models. It allows for evaluation
using not only conventional mice but also mice colonized with human gut microbiota.

  • Evaluation system incorporated with our expertise in gut microbiota 
  • Integrated gut microbiota evaluation using the state-of-the-art technology “Metabologenomics®”
  • Evaluation using humanized mice with colonized human gut microbiota

Service Flow

Mouse Experiments

We conduct experiments using mice to evaluate the effects of test products (products/materials).
Using mice enables the assessment of the impact on models that resemble diseases or pathological
conditions. Our researchers specializing in gut microbiota research will propose the optimal
experimental design, including the use of humanized mice or gnotobiotic mice. The following are the
basic measurement and analysis items:

  • Gut microbiota metagenome (16S rRNA gene) data
  • Metabolome (metabolites)
  • Metadata such as body weight

Gut Environment Evaluation

We conduct comprehensive gut microbiota evaluations using our proprietary technology called
“Metabologenomics®.” In addition to bacterial community analysis, which is commonly performed in
gut microbiota evaluations, we also analyse the metabolites and metadata produced by gut bacteria.
This approach contributes to understanding the mechanisms of how gut bacteria function and exert
effects on the body when test products are ingested.

Research Results

We perform meta-genomic and metabolomic analysis, as well as metadata analysis, on the results
obtained. We estimate relevant factors and discuss the mechanisms through our unique analysis.
Based on the results and discussions, we support the publication of papers and propose the next steps,
adding new evidence to support the effectiveness of the test products.

Measurement Items and Options

●Mouse Experiments

Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) /Treadmill test /Hair growth test, etc.

●Gut microbiome (metagenome) analysis

16S rRNA gene/shotgun

In addition to the above, we can also measure the presence of your desired gut microbiota using quantitative PCR.

●Gut Metabolites (metabolome) analysis

Determine and analyze short-chain fatty acids (GC-MS) / bile acids (LC-MS) / comprehensive measurement and analysis (CE-TOFMS)

●Conference presentation and paper submission option

Upon request, we can coauthor conference presentations and paper submissions. This can be used to promote your company’s research and development capabilities, as a seed for evidence-based marketing, and to educate consumers.

Examples of implementation

When evaluating the effects of a single test product on mice gut microbiota:

Experimental Details

  • Test Mice: C57BL/6J strain
  • Groups and Sample Size: 2 groups (1 test material), n=5
  • Diet: Regular diet (Control) or diet mixed with the test material (Test)
  • Measurement Items: Food intake, body weight, water intake, (gut microbiota, metabolites)
  • Analysis Items: Profile analysis, variation analysis of gut microbiota and metabolites

Expected Results

For example, by using specific humanized mice, conducting gut microbiota analysis, metabolomics analysis, and analyzing metadata such as body weight and blood markers for mice raised on a regular diet versus mice administered the test material, Metagen performs its unique analysis. This allows for the estimation of relevant factors and discussion of mechanisms. Based on the results and discussions, we can contribute to enhancing efficacy of your product by adding evidence through additional experiments and paper publication.

Exmaples of Utilization

Research results obtained through this service are used for presentations at conferences and seminar events, sales activities at trade shows, and preliminary studies prior to conducting human clinical trials.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or to discuss our services or ask any questions you may have.