MG Diet Support

Efficient diet programs support health management!

What is MG Diet Support

This is a weight loss support program that proposes diet actions suitable to each individual based on the results of gut environment test.

We know that gut environment differs from person to person. That is why the effects of the same diet and actions can also be different. In dieting, by knowing your own gut environment type, you can reduce unnecessary efforts and focus on actions that are highly effective for your weight loss.

What is Diet AI?

It is a lifestyle guidance AI based on gut environment data, health checkup data, and questionnaire data from 800 people with a BMI of 25 or higher. This project is developed in collaboration with SOMPO Health Support Corporation, with the funding from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development corporation of Japan.

Service Benefits

Promote health management

Obesity is associated with a various diseases, including lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. The health status of employees also affects their work efficiency, and MG Diet Support helps employees improve their health and productivity through a program that can be followed efficiently and effortlessly in their daily lives.

Improve health awareness of employees

The gut environment test and the recommended actions can help employees improve their health awareness by allowing them to reflect on their own llifestyles.

In addition,  In addition, the videos, articles and other content can help employees deepen their knowledge of the gut environment and diet.

Improvement the working environment

By using our service as a tool for welfare programs, internal events, etc, it may improve the workplace environment and revitalize internal communication. It can also be used to monitor employee dieting status and trends, as well as considering measures to support action implementation.

What you can learn from MG Diet Support

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※This service is not for diagnostic, disease treatment, or disease prevention. This service is not intended for people with diseases, those undergoing medical treatment, nor pregnant woman

Application Flow

Please contact us by filling out the inquiry form. A representative will contact you shortly.

If you are satisfied with the service content, please apply for the contract.

③Shipping of kits
We will deliver the number of test kits you ordered to the institution which applied the service.

④Kit distribution
The institution will distribute the kits to the users.

⑤User registration, response to questionnaire, stool samples collection, and stool samples delivery
Users are required to complete registration and answer questionnaires on the website.The stool samples should be delivered within one week.

⑥Accessing “Recommended Actions” (1)
Approximately 2 weeks after sample submissions, you can view the “Recommended Actions” predicted from the questionnaire data on the website.

⑦Gut environment test results and accessing “Recommended Actions” (2)
Approximately 2 months after sample submission, you can view the more accurate “Recommended Actions” predicted from the questionnaire data and the gut environment test results. For the next three months, we will provide content to support the continuation of the actions, such as reminders of “recommended actions” and distribution of information about the gut environment and diet.