Gut Design Project

―A corporate collaboration that aims for market creation and social implementation of “Gut Design ―

Gut Design Project (GDP) is a corporate collaboration project that aims to create a “gut design market” by sharing and spreading the concept of “Gut Design” in all areas including R&D, product development, and educational activities to raise awareness about gut environment and health. This project aims to create a “Gut Design” market.

Gut environment differs from person to person due to different lifestyle and dietary habits. Product effectiveness also varies depending on the type of gut environment. Therefore, in order to provide the best option that truly allows each individual to experience the effects and feel that it is right for them, it is important to deliver “the right intervention for their body” to each individual based on their gut environment. At Metagen, Inc. we promote “Gut design” that controls the gut environment based on scientific evidence and we are working with our partners to create a market for social implementation of this concept through products and services.

We believe that the knowledge and perspectives of our clients from various industries are essential for the implementation of “Gut Design”. By sharing a common vision and leveraging each company’s strengths, we aim to open up new markets and build a system that can continuously provide value to society.

Project Activities

Client partners involved in the Gut Design Project use the following content provided by Metagen, Inc. to gather information, exchange information, participate in the discussion about the gut environment research to utilize in corporate activities, business development, and collaboration.

Gut Design Salon

To create corporate collaboration for the gut design market, we hold a closed event where participants can exchange opinions interactively and discuss the latest topics in the gut environment and healthcare industry. We have a total of two salons per year, one on-site (Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture) and one online.

Stratified Healthcare Experience

Five people from participating companies will experience the “stratified healthcare service based on the gut environment (MG Diet Support)” provided by Metagen, Inc.

Provision of information on the gut environment via email newsletters

We distribute email newsletters introducing papers and/or topics about gut environment to partner companies. You could use them to catch up on the latest topics and research results in the gut environment field.

Additional Projects

We also have additional round-table discussions on various topics and opportunities for interaction between companies during the fiscal year.

Various consultation

We are available at any time for consultations on technology development and business development, consultations on conducting tests using our R&D support platform, and consultations on educational activities.

*These contents will be closed events and seminars, open only to companies participating in the project.
*The contents are planned as of April 2023 and may be updated according to circumstances.
If you wish to participate in all of the above contents, please apply by Monday 31 July 2023. Applications for participation are always welcome after the end of each content.
*For more information on membership fees and bylaws, please contact us separately.

Utilization examples of the project

Application to research and development through our platform

New product design
Functionality assessments of existing products

Application to public relations and advertisements

Joint release of research activities and achievements
Explanation of research results by our researchers in seminars
Joint announcement of collaborating studies at conferences
Distribution of the interview articles in collaboration with participating companies

Application to inter-corporate interactions

Joint holding and management of seminars and training workshops
Networking among seminar participants

Companies participating in the Gut Design Project


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