Gut Environment Research Start Service

Two plans to support your entrance into gut environment research

What is the Gut Environment Research Initiation Service?

For clients who are considering to start gut environment research, we support the first step of your research with a plan suitable for your needs.

Our service includes two plans: a “Consulting Plan” to support the planning of clinical trials, and a “Small-Scale Test Plan” to evaluate the gut environment in a small group of people using “Metabologenomics®︎.” You can choose the plan as necessary.

Consulting Plan

Consultation on clinical trials research

In clinical trials, the most important factor in evaluating the gut environment accurately is the study design to obtain the correct data. Inappropriate test plans and sample collection methods may lead to inaccurate assessments of the effects of materials and products on the gut environment, despite conducting expensive clinical trials.

In our consulting plan, we support appropriate clinical trial planning based on our accumulated know-how in clinical trials related to gut environment evaluation.

Small-scale Test Plan

Gut environment research that can be started with a small number of people

This plan is designed to obtain preliminary data before conducting a full-scale clinical trial. We evaluate the gut environment of a small number of people to roughly grasp the effectiveness of the product. We will collect and analyze stool samples using our gut environment evaluation kit, and report the results in an analysis report. We also provide the results and feedback that can be viewed on a web page to the individuals who provided the stool sample. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs from the following: Before/After Comparison Plan, Two-Group Comparison Plan, Japanese Average Comparison Plan, and One-Person Plan.

*Please note that you are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the gut environment evaluation service before using this service.

*We will ask the client company to recruit people for collecting stool samples and participate in the gut environment evaluation.

Result Usage

Research results obtained through this service can be used for presentations at conferences, seminars and events, sales activities at exhibitions, and preliminary studies before conducting human clinical trials.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or to discuss our services or ask any questions you may have.