Stratified health care based on intestinal environment is
a key for extend healthy year

Amid continuous aging population, extension of healthy life expectancy is the key to reducing medical expense. But how can we? Recent progress in science and technology, and insatiable challenge of scientists blazed a new trail to get there. They discovered our another organ.

That is "gut microbiota", microorganisms living in our gut. Gastrointestinal tract, outside in our body populated by over trillions of microorganisms called gut microbiota. They contribute to maintaining our health. But disruption of its balance leads to varieties of diseases; intestinal disorder such as colitis and bowel cancer; metabolic disorder such as diabetes and arterial sclerosis; brain disorder such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis; and psychiatric disease such as autism. Also, transplant of gut microbiota from healthy individual, known as fecal microbiota transplant, is attracting the attention as a novel approach to treat refractory intestinal disorder like colitis ulcerosa.

Humans are not only made from the cells, but symbiotic relationship with microorganisms live at the surface are also important. A Nobel laureate Joshua Lederberg, a legendary American molecular biologist wrote that human is "superorganisms". Our vital function are not maintained only by ourself.

So, what should we do to maintain our gut microbiota? Recent research has revealed that our gut microbiota are differ in each individual. Also, it is more susceptible to dietary habit or lifestyle rather than genetic factors.

Each of us have different gut microbiota, that is to say, we have own unique fermentation tank in our body. That means, even if same material is fermented, the product would be different. So we have to think what food, drink, supplement or drug is the best to be delivered to each individual tank.

We Metabologenomics, Inc. convinced that the stratified healthcare based on individual gut microbiota type is the key for extending healthy life expectancy.

We will develop a novel strategy for regulating optimum intestinal environment by combining our frontier science technology with the know-how of manufacturing products that our corporate partners possess. Interdisciplinary fusion of fundamental research from academic field and its seamless implementation to the society will open up the new future for mankind.

We will keep moving forward with our companions who set a realization of zero-disease.

Dr. Shinji Fukuda, President CEO of Metabologenomics, Inc.
Dr. Fukuda is the founder and the President CEO of Metabologenomics, Inc. since 2015. Upon completion of his Ph.D. in microbiology and biochemistry in Meiji University, Japan in 2006, he was assigned several research positions at Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in RIKEN. He was then appointed as Project Associate Professor at Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University in 2012, subsequently appointed as Project Professor in 2019. He has also started his role as Visiting Professor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (UTM-MJIIT) in 2019. He has won many prestigious awards including the Nice-Step researcher by National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) in 2015 and the first Bioscience Grand Prix in 2015 with the business plan "Creating stool-borne healthy society".