Metabologenomics. Inc. has established its first international subsidiary “Metagen Singapore Pte. Ltd.” Initiating the international expansion of “Gut Design” through brand new approach incorporating world technical seeds –

As of 2020, March 18th, Metabolognomics, Inc. has established its first international subsidiary company “Metagen Singapore Pte. Ltd.” (President & CEO Tatsuhiro Nomaguchi, Ph.D., hereafter MGSG) in Singapore and is starting to develop our intestinal environment data-based R&D project in Asia.

Singapore is a renowned international business base where various race, technology and knowledge congregate from all around the world. Until now, Metabologenomics, Inc. has cultivated knowledge related to “Gut Design” and R&D platform. MGSG is going to fuse this knowledge with technological seeds created in Singapore every moment and going to develop and promote “Gut Design” through new approaches. In addition, our objective is to let the importance of stratified medical care and health care based on intestinal environment data to take root in Asia. Simultaneously, through collaborating with up-and-coming companies and research institutions worldwide, we aim to develop new materials beneficial for “Gut Design”.

At MGSG, we endeavor to convey to the world our vision of “Realizing zero-disease by the power of frontier science” from Singapore and improve the health levels that people enjoy nowadays. Moreover, as Metagen group, we propose “Gut Design” to the world and accelerate our business development.

Word from CEO

CEO Nomaguchi.png

Metagen Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Tatsuhiro Nomaguchi, Ph.D. (Science)

Metagen Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the Metagen’s first international base established to expand the idea of “Creating stool-borne healthy society” from Japan, to the world. Singapore is renowned for its potential as global business hub where new technology and knowledge congregate every moment. We have established data about intestinal environment and we aim to merge these two aspects together to create innovative and advanced “Gut Design”. It has been five years since Metabologenomics, Inc. was established in Japan and now from Singapore we strive to realize zero-disease all over the world and achieve “health above health”. That is our mission.

【Brief Biography】
Tatsuhiro spent his childhood in Canada and high school days in the United Kingdom. He then received a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Science from the Waseda University, Japan. He initially joined the Metabologenomics, Inc. in 2018 as researcher, and currently leading global business department for international collaboration.

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