MGMouse™ ―Investigate the mechanisms of your products in vivo
About MGMouse™

MGMouse™ is a collaborative research package combining a mouse model experiment and data analysis to analyze the effects of target materials on the intestinal environment.
In gut environment studies, it has become a common strategy to adopt an in vivo mouse model--germ-free mice colonized with human microbiota--to investigate the biomolecular mechanisms of the target material in complex microbiota systems. However, research using animal models requires specialized facilities with stringent controls and trained technicians. In addition, animals are expensive to maintain. These obstacles hinder many researchers from conducting such research. To overcome these and other technical obstacles, we provide a research package based on our in vivo study technology and proprietary Metabologenomics® approach.

  1. MGMouse™ has three distinctive features:
  2. (1)Application of a mouse model imitating the human intestinal environment
  3. (2)Evaluation of the intestinal environment based on Metabologenomics® approach
  4. (3)Implementation of in vivo experiments based on our insight and specialization in the study of the intestinal environment
What can be solved by MGMouse™
The ability to conduct in vivo experiments with your own products under development
In MGMouse™, we fully support your in vivo mouse experiments, from the planning to analysis stage, based on our experience and know-how obtained from long-standing studies of the intestinal environment. In addition to obtaining scientific evidence, we will assist you in making more efficient research investments.
Understanding the mechanisms through which your products affect the intestinal environment
We can offer in vivo mouse experiments with germ-free/gnotobiotic/human gut microbiota to investigate the mechanisms through which your products affect the intestinal environment. Moreover, we will support you in publishing your experimental results in scientific articles to promote your sales and indicate your research and development abilities.
What is obtainable from MGMouse™

In MGMouse™, we analyze the gut microbiome and other biological data observed from a group of mice in which the target materials are applied. These will then be compared with a control group. This type of comprehensive analysis will be performed using our original Metabologenomics® approach, which can reveal the relationship between the target material and the intestinal environment, as well as the related biomolecular mechanisms. Such functional discoveries backed by scientific evidence could be expected to lead to the promotion of current products or the development of new products.

Request for collaborative research

This project will be conducted as collaborative research, not as an entrusted business. The data obtained in this service will be shared through our intestinal environment database. By conducting this project as collaborative research, we can also support you in publishing your findings in scientific papers and/or conferences subsequent to analysis.

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