MGPack™ ―Evaluate your product in a clinical trial―
About MGPack™

MGPack™ is a collaborative research package designed for use in clinical trials and data analysis. It is based on a Metabologenomics® approach for the functional assessment of your institutional products for the intestinal environment.
Understanding how your products affect the intestinal environment is laborious; however, it is important to "conduct appropriate clinical trials" and "analyze complicated Big Data". For these purposes, researchers with a wealth of experience in both clinical trials and data analysis are essential. To overcome such technical obstacles, we provide a research package that covers products from the planning to analysis stage based on our scientific knowledge and analytical platform.

  1. MGPack™ has three distinctive features:
  2. (1)Support for planning and conducting clinical trials based on our experience from long-standing studies of the intestinal environment
  3. (2)Evaluation of the intestinal environment based on a Metabologenomics® approach
  4. (3)Analysis of Big Data by our researchers, who are specialists in the intestinal environment
What can be solved by MGPack™
Difficulties conducting clinical trials owing to a lack of experience
In MGPack™, we fully support your clinical trial, from the planning to analysis stage, based on our experience and know-how obtained from long-standing studies of the intestinal environment. In addition to obtaining scientific evidence, we will assist you in making more efficient research investments.
Lack of a clear view regarding how to analyze Big Data obtained from clinical trials
Our researchers and analytic pipeline specialize in the study of the intestinal environment, and can thus provide you with scientific evidence regarding whether your products are effective. Moreover, we provide support in regard to publishing your results in scientific articles to promote sales and your research and development abilities.
What is obtainable with MGPack™

To evaluate the intestinal environment, it is common to assess the composition of the gut microbiota. However, in MGPack™, in addition to the composition of the gut microbiota, metabolites and other clinical data, such as blood parameters and frequency of bowel movements, are comprehensively analyzed to obtain more detailed and accurate insight regarding the intestinal environment.

Request for collaborative research

This project will be conducted as collaborative research, not as an entrusted business. The data obtained in this service will be shared through our intestinal environment database. By conducting this project as collaborative research, we can also support you in publishing your findings in scientific papers and/or conferences subsequent to analysis.

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