MGScreening™ ―Explore the potential of your products in vitro
About MGScreening™

MGScreening™ is a collaborative research package that aims to help you discover useful materials from your own candidate products efficiently.
Clinical trials or in vivo analyses with animal models are the traditional strategies for screening materials effective for the intestinal environment. However, using such strategies to examine a large number of candidate products is time-consuming and cost-ineffective. For efficient screening of useful materials from your candidates, we provide you with a research package involving our novel screening system and analysis pipeline based on our proprietary Metabologenomics® approach.

  1. MGScreening™ has three distinctive features:
  2. (1)Efficient in vitro screening using our original culturing system
  3. (2)Evaluation of the intestinal environment based on a Metabologenomics® approach
  4. (3)Support for the functional assessment of candidate products by our researchers based on long-standing studies of the intestinal environment
What can be solved by MGScreening™
Difficulties involved with developing candidate materials that can affect the intestinal environment
MGScreening™ provides an in vitro screening platform that can screen your candidate materials to discover the most effective materials for the intestinal environment. It is an appropriate platform for selecting target materials before moving on to a clinical trial, resulting in time- and cost-effective research and development.
What is obtainable from MGScreening™

We will assess the effect of various food, compound, and medicine (hereafter test material) on gut environment through analyses of gut microbiota and metabolites. As we will conduct the test using diverse types of human gut microbiota, the result will enable you to discover which type of human gut microbiota your test material has an effect on. Through this service, we will provide you with data that lead to the next product design such as the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones.

The result of the MGScreening™️ is also applicable to humans and hence clinical tests can be conducted using the MGPack™️. Clinical tests with MGPack™️ will enable you to identify the characteristics of the gut environment of those who can benefit from the intake of the product (responders). In addition, using MGMouse™️, it is possible to estimate the mechanism of action of the test material on the gut environment or discover its associated factors using animal testing.

※The figures above are for illustration purposes only. Actual data may vary.
Request for collaborative research

This project will be conducted as collaborative research, not as an entrusted business. The data obtained in this service will be shared through our intestinal environment database. By conducting this project as collaborative research, we can also support you in publishing your findings in scientific papers and/or conferences subsequent to analysis.

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